Pairing Wine with Books


Sanderia Faye, Sommelier

Every book has its own mood that also affects the reader’s emotions as he/she invests in the narrator’s journey. Many readers sip on a glass of wine while turning the pages of a fine book. Wine has been paired with food since the beginning of time, but we generally don’t consider which wines would be appropriate for the book we’re reading. Sanderia Faye believes wine should be paired with books similar to the way it is paired with a three-course meal and dessert. She asked authors to suggest the mood for each section of their book – beginning, middle, and end. Then she used her expertise as a Sommelier to pair a wine with each section of the book. She also suggests an “finishing” drink as you contemplate or discuss the book with others. Take this book journey with Faye and try the wines she has painstakingly suggested for you. She guarantees it will enhance your reading pleasure.